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Hayabusa turbo kit stage 1

Due to the high compression ratio of the Hayabusa and the light valve spring pressures, we recommend only running 4 psi of boost as a bolt on kit. This system will make Hp on pump fuel without any engine work.

hayabusa turbo kit stage 1

With slight work on the engine, this turbo system can be upgraded to over HP by adding secondary fuel system. For the biker that wants more power out of their Hayabusa, we recommend installing a base spacer and heavier valve springs. Consider changing the titanium valves out for stainless valves for a stealthy look that fits inside the stock body. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for shipping and processing.

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RCC Suzuki Hayabusa Stage 1 Turbo Kit 2008-2014

Put me on the Waiting List. Description Product Features RCC Suzuki Hayabusa Stage 1 Turbo Kit Due to the high compression ratio of the Hayabusa and the light valve spring pressures, we recommend only running 4 psi of boost as a bolt on kit.

hayabusa turbo kit stage 1

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hayabusa turbo kit stage 1

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New Please provide a valid price range. Item Location see all Item Location. Default filter applied. Canada Only. North America. Show only see all Show only. Free Returns. Free shipping. Completed listings.How to choose a Turbo kit for the Suzuki Hayabusa. Before we attempt to answer the question of how do you choose the right turbo kit for your Suzuki Hayabusa, we must first understand the terminology used in turbo kits. Once you understand how different turbo kits operate and what the advantages and benefits are of each kit are, then you can more proficiently choose the turbo kit that's right for you.

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Turbo or Muzzy; this information will help you choose the right turbo kit for your Suzuki Hayabusa. Different Stages of Turbo kits for the Suzuki Hayabusa. Stage I: these are entry-level turbo kits producing approximately between hp and hp, and which generally come with a plenum or intake, turbo header, turbo, internal or external wastegate usually internalexhaust, FMU and plumbing.

How to Choose a Turbo Kit for your Suzuki Hayabusa.

These kits will just bolt on, with no need for internal modifications. The extra fuel required while under boost is handled by an FMU or what is called a rising rate fuel pressure regulator. These turbo kits are limited on what boost they can run; because once they are tuned, you cannot change the boost PSI without ruining the tune, unless you have an EFI controller capable of storing more than one MAP, with the ability to switch between different maps at the push of a button or through the use of an RPM switch.

Stage II: these kits produced between hp to hp, depending on the manufacturer and configuration. The most important difference between the Stage I Turbo Kit and the States II Turbo Kit is secondary fueling, which allows you the ability to regulate boost with any type of boost controller.

turbo busa stage 1

It is generally a good idea to consider internal modifications after the hp mark is reached; there are many different opinions as to when these modifications should be done. I will leave this subject up to your engine builder and you. These kits usually always require internal modifications to keep them from blowing apart, considering the boost levels used and the horsepower created.

Inter-cooling Turbo kits for the Suzuki Hayabusa. These are the intercoolers you generally see mounted in the front bumper of an Import Sports Car.

These intercoolers work by forcing the compressed air into a heat exchanger which is mounted generally in front of the radiator, as air passes over the aluminum fins of the intercooler heat from discharged air is transferred to the air passing through the intercooler and thus lowers the temperature of the intake charge.

The water is then circulated to another heat exchanger, which is usually a radiator from the same type of bike, which has been cut down to one third its size. As the water passes through the heat exchanger inside the intake, the water absorbs the heat and transfers it to the other heat exchanger, which in turn transfers the heat to the atmosphere. Water to air intercoolers are the most efficient form of intercooling, but they do consist of more parts and plumbing.

Hayabusa Turbo Kit Install

As water is injected into the intake tract it absorbs heat, much in the same way their radiators water would absorb heat, then once in the combustion chamber it is converted to steam during the combustion process; thus absorbing more heat. Due to the properties of water, a great amount of heat is absorbed when water is converted from a liquid to a gas, this creates the intercooling affect. If you also employ the use of methanol in your water injection system, you are injecting high octane alcohol which further adds to the intercooling process and at the same time increases octane.

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With water injection you may safely raise the boost pressure without increasing fuel octane, more than you could increase it without the use of water injection.The larger the turbo, the later the boost comes on.

This GT30 will certainly be a handful on the street.

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All of the turbo kit's electronics are housed cleanly on a Tiger Tail that replaces the stock undertray. Secondary injectors will mount on top of the plenum and provide the extra fuel needed under high boost conditions.

The side mounted dump pipes and a shortened oil pan will allow the bike to get as close to the ground as possible. There are several renowned companies that produce turbo systems, and while they all operate on the basic principle of forced induction they take different configurations in their design.

We opted for a middle of the road, do-it-all turbo system from Velocity Racing. The Stage 2 kit includes everything necessary to make upwards of horsepower with a properly reinforced engine while still remaining streetable and user friendly. For the most part, the ownership experience should be turnkey and problem free if a reputable shop performs the installation and tuning though.

The general biking public shares a negative view toward turbocharged bikes. Turbos have gotten a bad rap over the years as being unreliable, but most of the issues eventually point to user error, not mechanical failure. Cheap kits purchased on eBay are inferior and will lead to problems due to poor fitment, leaking seals and knock-off turbos. RPM handled the entire operation, from the internal engine build to the turbo installation and tune. The shop also supplemented the project with some of its own products to help reach the highest performance figures possible.

Different turbo sizes are used with different goals in mind, and for our application the GT30 was the best bet. It spools up quick for use on the street and can make plenty of power when really pushed for land speed racing or drag strip laps.

RPM Cycle Performance sources the turbo from Garrett, then builds the manifold, plenum, exhaust and dump pipe and all other fittings necessary to make it function properly. Note the stylish bends in the exhaust and dump pipe that are far more aesthetically appealing than many other styles of straight pipes.

But because the Stage 2 system is more advanced than the Stage 1, it requires more electronics, and this is where the aluminum Tiger Tail saves the day.

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Bazzaz Z-Fi TC Fueling for the primary injectors is being controlled with the stock ECU, while the secondary injectors utilize a specialized fueling computer designed specifically for Velocity Racing turbo kits.

We opted to use a Bazzaz Z-FI TC system not for its fuel control capabilities, but because it offers traction control alongside its quickshifter option. Call it an experiment if you like, because we believe the traction control could be beneficial when matched with the proper boost level. This raises the combustion chamber temperature, which in turn increases the chance of detonation a bad thing. We opted for a water and alcohol injection system to cool the charge of compressed air, and the reservoir in the tail is controlled by a two-pound air bottle mounted on the swingarm.

It mists a fine spray into the plenum to cool the charge, thus reducing the chances of detonation and increasing horsepower with cooler, denser air. Because the turbo is forcing compressed air into the motor, a stock plastic airbox would simply burst. The aluminum plenum withstands the high pressure and also hosts a blow-off valve BOV to keep the compressed air from backing up and damaging the turbo during off throttle situations.

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What's new. New posts. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter ColdBusa Start date Sep 30, Thread Attachment browser. I added a blow off valve to the kit when I ordered it. Still in great shape and runs top notch. I was able to run 7s passes with this kit! The kit has everything you need, minus a few consumables that wont be in there T fittings for vacuum lines, oil cooler blockoff plates, pair system plates.

If theres more specific pictures you would like, please let me know. Mathewrussell52 Registered. Great deal wish something like this came along when I bought my turbo. Mathewrussell52 said:.

Mr Brown Registered. Great deal. Maybe I should buy a gen 2. Slowstang Registered. Looks like a nice quality built kit. You guys have some balls going turbo on something thats a rocket! Or a cheep gen one. Will just need a different plenum.Richard and Team has always been the very best. From awesome record setting Turbo kits, to a simple miscellaneous item, to great tech support. They've been a huge part of all the personal best and success that I've experienced throughout my racing career.

Could've not done it without you guys. Keep up the great work! When you put together top quality products with top quality customer service, you get RCC Turbos. RCC also provides excellent customer service, ensuring that all of your questions are answered, will work with you for custom requests, and will only recommend what you 'need' and not try to sell you something you dont need.

RCC Turbos is the benchmark for motorcycle aftermarket performance and continues to push boundaries for what can be done. I've been a customer of Richard's RCC Turbos for 8 yearsI've bought a complete turbo systemIntercooler systemup grades and many more products. The reason I keep buying products from Richard is because he makes the best products on the market and he backs up his work.

Richard is always there to help if their is a questionWhen Richard is building a system he does it wright the first time and its always of high quality. I have always been very satisfied with his work. People have had an obsession with speed since the invention of the first automobile. From Ormond Beach in Florida to the salt flats of Utah, each new season brings new attempts to challenge the limit.

Trillium Muir, a correctional officer from Sudbury, has already achieved Although Dragbike. View Products.One of the secrets to big power is the RCC Ultra Plenum air-to-water intercooler that keeps intake temps down and power up! A small glimpse of the blow-off valve within. The giant snail responsible for all that power is a Garrett GTR twin scroll turbo that is considered big on Mitsubishi Evos…and those are over cc! The Elka drag shock supports the heavy rear end squat experienced when twisting the grip wide open.

Life underneath the fairings is as tidy as it is on the outside thanks to clean wiring and top-shelf electronics managing the madness. Few things can bend the laws of physics like a turbocharged Hayabusa.

With the right parts and tuning, a well-built example can make over HP at the wheel. Sure, big numbers are easy to toss around. But what does it feel like to hit the throttle on a boosted bike? This type of speed takes the right combination of parts and the know-how when installing them. When it comes to tuning and building these big-power beasts, Bors is considered to be one of the best. Which brings us to this pair of murdered-out monsters.

One represents an all-out build with nothing but top-shelf parts while the other, the shop bike red wheel tapeis a budget beast that has a simple but effective mods list. If some is good, well then more is better. That appears to have been the mantra when it came time to build the larger of the two midnight monsters. The pillar of any solid turbo build is a stout motor. The stock block was studded with massive half-inch APE head studs and then filled with Crower rods using k bolts, JE forged turbo pistons and a high-volume oil gear.

Upstairs the stock head was ported and filled with 1mm-over stainless exhaust valves along with APE pound valve springs and a roller chain conversion before RCC 13mm head studs were torqued over an. Other noteworthy motor mods include a billet low-profile oil pan, a billet cam chain adjuster, APE shift shafts and a host of MTC drivetrain components to put the power to the ground. These include an MTC billet two-stage lock-up and billet inner hub.

Then came the giant snail and this huffer is a serious unit. But big boost is nothing without plenty of fuel.

RC Hayabusa Stage 1

So a Microtech LT unit controls the gargantuan cc secondary injectors while a Boost by Smith ECU reflash kit raised the redline and removed the speed limiter. No proper turbo bike is without a quality boost controller, and an NLR AMS boost controller harnesses the incoming air while a pair of AEM boost and wideband gauges keep tabs on the bird of prey. Continuing the laundry list of top-shelf hardware, this bad boy also features the exclusive RCC Ultra Plenum with a built-in, air-to-water intercooler system.

Bors explained that this is a crucial component to the turbo system. All rear-end drivetrain components are mounted around a Canadian Mike 6-over underbraced swingarm supported by an Elka shock. Other noteworthy details include a powder coated frame, black-painted body panels and a host of trick bits from Vortex, ASV, Galfer, EBC and Driven to help bring this beast full circle.

Just to recap, it makes nearly HP at the wheel and gets better gas mileage than most econoboxes. Ten thousand miles have clocked over on the odometer. The list of mods is extensive but not out of the question for any gearhead yearning for boost.

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